Blogging from the Street

Church Street Mutral Shortlist images

Beginning this spring and throughout the summer of 2013 there are plans to transform Church street. Some of these initiatives include a parklette project along Church Street; a redesign planned for the corner of Church and Alexander and plans for 10-12 large public murals that will transfer the area into a creative hub of contemporary art; telling stories from LGBTTI2QQ communities in Toronto. This blog is about this last ambitious initiative: The Church Street Mural Project.

City Councillor Kristyn Wong-Tam and the Church Street Mural Project co-curators Syrus Marcus Ware and James Fowler will be working with some amazing Canadian artists and community leaders to tell our stories and celebrate our communities.

With World Pride coming to Toronto in 2014 and the Pan American Games beginning in 2015, Church Street will play stage to two important cultural events. More than simply decorating the Church and Wellesley Village, the vision is to create a legacy project to be enjoyed for years to come.
This site serves as a depot for regular information about the project and this blog will chronicle the project from start to finish and beyond. It will feature regular blog updates from the co-curators as well as guest blogs by community leaders, artists, and partners invested in the project.

We hope you will join us on the journey as we move forward on Church Street Murals and we welcome your input.

Best wishes,
James and Syrus

Co-Curators, Church Street Mural Project